Production lines for manufacturing micro loudspeakers

Our customer is a major player in the market for mobile phone components, like micro loudspeakers. The company started as a small player in a growing market featuring stiff competition and many newcomers. The collaboration started in 2008 and has been continued successfully ever since. 


Micro loudspeakers were being produced manually by operators at the customer's site in Asia. This approach did not offer the product quality required by end users and our customer was forced to search for a more effective production solution.

IMS solution

The project started by developing a prototype for a production platform, which was based on the standard ProFast platform. This enabled the customer to adopt a fully automatic approach for manufacturing micro loudspeakers. IMS demonstrated to the customer that processes were effective, that the requested quantity was being produced and that the quality of the end product complied with all specifications. 

Several production modules were integrated into the ProFast platform. Some of these production modules were personally developed by IMS, while others were developed together with collaborating partners. The standardisation of production modules helps to create flexible production lines, where production modules can be easily replaced or added in order to perform a variety of production processes. The prototype was implemented to everyone's satisfaction, and was followed by an assignment to supply several production lines. A wide range of production modules were then developed and standardised for these production lines. The complete production line consists of 3 lines, each featuring 2 or 3 machines responsible for partly producing the micro loudspeakers.  An operator uses trays to transport products to the production equipment next in the production line. ProFast Production Equipment line

Result for the customer

This collaboration helped to significantly improve the customer's market position; moreover, the customer was able to become the market leader for micro loudspeakers. Reliance on operators was reduced considerably and there was a major improvement in the quality of end products. Due to the use of fully automatic production lines, it was easy to realise the requested production volumes. 

Due to the use of ProFast platforms and production modules, it was possible to transform the entire production process, from fully manual to fully automatic and reliable, in a very short time frame.

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