Production line for manufacturing hearing device components

Collaboration with this customer in the hearing device industry started in 2001 and has been successfully continued ever since. 


The customer's main objective is to meet rising market demand by increasing production capacity and improving the quality of the end product. In the beginning, all production activities were manual and processes were being carried out by operators.

IMS solution

The first project in this collaboration involved jointly developing a semi-automatic, modular production platform. The value-adding production processes were automated and less critical processes were carried out manually. Engineering efforts focussed on critical production processes so consistent quality could be safeguarded. Due to the use of modules, investments and risks could be reduced significantly because there was no need to construct special equipment. Production Equipment hearing device components

The output of the production line is between 100 and 500 thousand products per month. The delivery period for the whole project was less than 6 months.


Although investment costs were minimised, the customer still received a reliable and easy-to-expand production line. Since the first project, over 150 systems have been supplied to the customer at a variety of customer locations. The collaboration with IMS has helped to double the customer's market share.

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