Production equipment assembling 2 million automotive component pieces a year

Customer: Vernay Europe

For years, the production automation experts of IMS have worked with Vernay, an automotive industry client (see box), having built various assembly machines. Vernay operates in a growing market. This growth is mainly caused by European laws and rules for reducing exhaust emissions. The task at hand involves automating the assembly of a small automotive component, which is positioned in the high end of the market.


Vernay would like capacity to match automotive market demand. However, the production processes are so complex that the client turned to IMS. Known for its ability to automate complex production processes, IMS was happy to accept this challenging project. Besides dealing with the process complexity, IMS needed to integrate and validate existing supplier processes.

IMS solution

In an earlier cooperation with Vernay, IMS had already built an assembly machine for this product. The development of this first machine had led to a better producibility of the product through use of design for assembly (DFA) and design for manufacturing (DFM) methods.

As well as production process improvements, the lessons learned from building of the first machine were successfully applied in a second machine. This has led to even more stable production processes.

For this production automation solution, a ProBot platform was used. The ProBot has flexible, programmable supply units with vision control and robotics. It also enables the production volumes of up to 2 million pieces per year and higher, which suits the client’s and the product’s requirements.ProBot Production Equipment<

The following processes were integrated into the second machine, achieving a cycle time of only 10 seconds per product:

  • Pick and place
  • Welding
  • Vision check
  • Height measurement
  • Pressure test
  • Water test
  • Flow test
  • Encoding


At the start of the project IMS proposed a tight but realistic planning. Due to the growing product demand, Vernay asked IMS whether it was possible to speed up the process. Through a solid cooperation, between IMS and Vernay, IMS managed to find a solution and with joint efforts the delivery time was shortened by six weeks. This enabled Vernay to meet demand earlier.

Vernay has expressed his satisfaction about the speedy delivery and employment of the new machine. 

Update april 2016

The third production equipment  of this kind was installed succesfully at Vernay premises in Oldenzaal (Netherlands).  Subsequently, Vernay has given IMS the order for a fourth equipment which is to be installed at Vernay Italia. 
Due to the strict quality restrictions in the current automobile market, the need for high-quality products such as Vernay's will keep increasing in the coming year.  

About the customer: 

Logo Vernay 

Vernay is a trusted solutions provider to customers with the toughest flow control challenges in the automotive, medical, printer, small engine, and specialty markets. Experts at co-designing component geometries, materials, and finished devices. For over six decades, the Vernay name has been synonymous with solving the toughest fluid control challenges for the world’s leading automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers. Vernay components are used in everyday products including appliances, printers, household cleaning products, automobiles and lawn & garden equipment. 


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