Meeting a short-term demand for automotive sensors

If you’re the world leader in the development of sensors and you are faced with a sudden, increased demand in your component, how do you react? That’s right: you step up production, even if it means getting outside help. This was exactly the situation Sensata Technologies found itself in. After having worked together with IMS for many years, Sensata turned to us again. With a basic agreement, both parties consolidate their collaboration on new products and production methods.

Customer needs

A rising demand in High Temperature Sensors –sensors that measure temperatures between 40°C and 950°C and are typically used in the automotive industry– caused the need for Sensata to produce more of these units on relatively short notice. Sensata’s production line at the time was fully automatic and had reached its limits of output, which called for a different solution. When approaching IMS, Sensata expressed its wish to expand its facilities with an easy to maintain production line.

IMS Solution

The collaboration between IMS and Sensata started with a feasibility study, in which the viability of the idea was confirmed. After getting this green light, it was clear that the production process needed to be simplified for expansion. Listing the required functions and processes would help in finding the best solution. 


ProMicro based production equipment       ProMicro based production equipment detail
 ProMicro based production equipment   ProMicro detail

Examples of those processes are:

  • Welding
  • Bending
  • Cutting
  • Laser marking
  • Crimp & Roll

Making these types of lists enabled IMS to separate functions from processes and find a suitable solution. The answer to Sensata's needs was a semi-automatic production equipment, based on IMS standard production platform ProMicro, which IMS then proceeded to build, validate and install on-site.


The development and realisation of the production line were achieved in a very short time frame: 28 weeks. This fast turnaround enabled Sensata to meet the growing market demand. The heavy-duty production line ensured that both a high quality level and the desired quantities could be guaranteed. The result is a robust production line that requires little maintenance and has a low fault tolerance.

How can we help you? 

Small, complex products call for a smart and scalable production line. Integrated Mechanization Solutions (IMS) is your partner in enhancing your production capabilities. Please get in touch to discuss your brand’s needs with us.

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