How to produce up to 10 million medical components

In the medical industry, precision and reliability are the keys to success. In order to secure high-volume orders, every tiny detail needs to be perfect. And this is exactly why promising ideas end up on our table. Discover how a medical supplies producer ramped up its production capacity through a collaboration with IMS.


This client, who is specialized in electroforming, was looking for a partner who could offer precise and controlled punching, doming and packaging of metal discs. These discs, which form part of a new medical product, have a diameter of 5 mm and are perforated by tiny, 2-5 mu holes, allowing for a delicate vaporization of medicines. By joining forces with IMS, the client aims to raise its automation level, allowing for a quicker and high-quality production.

IMS Solution

The collaboration between this client and IMS started with a feasibility study to determine whether the desired quality control was applicable within the machine concept. Continuing on from this study, IMS developed a production machine based on the standard ProMu platform. This platform convinced the client that the utilized processes are effective, that the required cycle time of one second is achievable and that the product quality meets the specifications.

Production Equipment ProMu Punch, Dome and Tape

Several different production modules were integrated in the ProMu platform. The functions of these integrated modules are as follows:

  • Optical density measuring 
  • Thickness measuring with a 2 mu precision
  • Optical 3D measuring
  • Tape feeding and product packaging


In providing the client with a production system, it can deliver large volumes of the product without compromising on quality. This allows it to meet the demand of its own client. IMS has designed the platform so that it would accommodate for volumes up to 10 million units per year.
In partnering with IMS, companies take idea and prototypes to the next level, allowing for low-cost mass-production. Learn more about our production development technologies or the process development involved in making a product successful, or contact us to explore ways to collaborate.

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