Production Platforms

The foundation of our production lines is made up of one of IMS' standard production platforms. These platforms have been developed for a variety of production volumes and product mixes. The platforms can operate as individual equipment with integrated production units or can be combined with similar platforms to create 1 complete production line. Special production equipment will be developed if standard platforms are unable to offer solutions that fully meet a customer's needs.

Since being founded in 1999, IMS has installed over 250 production lines at customer locations throughout the world.

Production Platforms - IMS range

IMS has 4 standard automated production platforms which it uses to develop and build a customer specific production line: 

  • ProMicro:  (semi-) automated production of high product mix in small volumes

  • ProMu:  highly accurate automated production of high product mix in high volumes

  • ProFast: very fast automated production of medium product mix in high volumes

  • ProBot:  very flexible production of high product mix in medium volumes

Production Platforms - Modules

Suitable production modules are integrated into production platforms so customer-specific production equipment can be created. The production modules perform processes like pick and place, dispensing, UV Curing and laser welding. IMS also has a wide range of standard modules when it comes to production modules. These standard production modules can be easily tested offline and feature plug-and-play connections. 

If suitable technology for production equipment is unavailable on the market, then IMS will develop it in-house as a production module. The developed production module will then be added to the standard range already available at IMS.

Production platforms - Solutions

By using standard platforms and production modules, and combining this with new technology and many years of experience, IMS is able to offer intelligent, robust and reliable production solutions in a short time frame.

Production equipment are delivered in accordance with our quality guidelines, and tested and installed at the customer's premises in partnership with WWINN subsidiary ESPS. 

IMS retains its commitment once installation has taken place, and will be pleased to assist customers with other automation scale up plans. 

Production platforms - more info

For more info about our production platforms and how we can use these for your specific automation request, please contact us directly. 

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