Product development technologies

Developing new products or answering an increasing demand for your manually produced product, often brings new and critical requirements for production processes and product characteristics. A successful market introduction with the right product quality, cost price and in time, requires careful management and control of these requirements. And when your market demands a higher number of products, you need to have a product that is fit to produce in an automated way. 

That is where we can be of assistance.

product development technologies IMS

IMS is an experienced automation partner and together with you and your in-depth knowledge about the product and production processes, uses its proven product development technologies to come to a producible product.   

We support you in the design and re-design of products, in order to reduce the complexity and number of components and shorten the cycle time in production, while preserving functionality. The product development technologies we use have been executed in many projects addressing various customer requests. Through the complete process, we closely cooperate with you as our customer and use your experience with the product and its production processes. 

IMS uses fast prototyping for evaluation purposes and to proof the product concept. Optionally, this is followed by a timely construction of pilot production facilities and sample production for further evaluation.

This results in a product which is fit to be produced on an automated production line, at the required capacity and quality level. 

Product development technolgies phases

The product development technologies IMS uses can be devided in the following categories:

Product development technolgies – more info

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