Industry 4.0 - the IMS Way

Low total cost of ownership and fast market introduction of new products

METIS 4.0 Production line with two process unitsMETIS 4.0 Module with two process units and future expansion with uni

METIS 4.0 is a production approach with three important characteristics:

  • scalable in production capacity
  • flexible in process sequences
  • re-configurable in lay-out

Automation on demand

The approach's most important feature is that production can be expanded in order to match the need for automation. Customers can start by investing a small amount in low volume automation, and this investment increases with the need for extra automation.

METIS 4.0 for an easy ramp up of a new product

Due to this approach a production line is not product-dependent, can be modified very quickly and offers a high usage rate.

This ensures low total cost of ownership and significantly reduces the time needed to introduce new products to the market.

METIS 4.0 Features

Scalable production capacity


The METIS 4.0 approach makes it possible to expand production to match the need for automation. 



Programmable process sequence


The METIS 4.0 approach allows a free programmable process sequence. No matter where process units are located on a production line, you can freely select your desired process sequence and thus produce a wide range of products, even in mixed runs. 

This allows you to effectively respond to varying market demand.



METIS 4.0 Programmable process sequence




Reconfigurable machine lay-out


 With METIS 4.0, a production line is easy to reconfigure in terms of lay-out, which allows you to optimize this production line on high runners in your existing product mix.



Reconfigurable Machine lay-out


METIS 4.0 Specifications


'Coffee cup' size products   

Cycle time: 

Production volume:


     4-6 sec

2 mio/yr



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