Production Automation

Produce the product you need, in the most effective way. IMS offers production automation advice and solutions for your production.

Production automation has various grades of automation that can be adopted for production and production processes. With our long-standing experience in automating production processes, we are able to quickly create automation scale up plans for our customers. When doing so, it is important to effectively understand the customer's business case, particularly production-related needs and preferences, now and in the future.  

Step-by-step production automation plan

At the very outset of the collaboration, IMS sits down with customers to identify the needs and main characteristics of their production processes. This is then used as a basis to determine which steps need to be taken to achieve the required level of automation. The specialists at IMS Research are involved in the collaboration at an early stage and are able to use preliminary research, feasibility studies and prototyping to analyse products and production processes in order to prepare them for automation. 

Product development technologies

IMS supports in the design and re-design of products, to reduce the complexity and number of components and shorten the cycle time in production, while preserving functionality. The product development technologies used have been executed in many projects addressing various customer requests.

Standard production automation platforms and modules

IMS uses various standard production platforms during its automation activities. This ranges from platforms for semi-automatic production to fully automatic high-speed production. The final production solution will be robust and flexible due to the use of standard platforms in combination with interchangeable production modules. This approach to production automation allows a whole automation roadmap to be created and implemented for customers, in a reliable manner and within the stipulated specifications.

Production automation - more info

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