Process Experience

IMS has extensive experience with integration of various production processes, both standard processes as well as production processes we have developed in-house. 

We work closely together with our customers in the further development of their existing production processes and if needed, in developing specific applications for their production.  
This production process development results in qualified processes which can be integrated in existing or new production equipment.

Integration of production processes

In automating the production of our customers product, we use IMS production platforms as a basis on which we integrate the production processes. 
This complete approach of development of production processes and integration on modular production platforms. enables IMS to develop a manufacturing solution that dovetails with the customers specific requirements, far more than off-the-shelf solutions. 

A broad range of production processes

We have integrated various production processes, such as:

  • Quality inspection
  • Laser welding
  • Dispensing
  • Leakage testing
  • Function testing

View more of our experience with various production processes here.

 Function test       Laser welding
Function testing    Laser welding 



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