Production lines for automotive components

As a former mechanization unit of Texas Instruments, IMS has a past full of experience in automating the production of automotive sensors and automotive components.

In the current form of operations, IMS developed a significant number of successful production equipment and production lines for automotive customers globally.  

To give you a better understanding of what type of products run on the IMS' production lines at customer sites, here are a few examples:  

  • automotive pressure transducers
  • automotive sensors
  • connectors
  • micro fuel cells
  • mirror components 

Focus on smooth production

 A smooth production is key for succesfully convincing your customers of premium product quality. 
This is especially the case, due to 
the very strict product quality requirements, with Zero Defects as a main driver.

Through scientific analysis and an early identification of risk factors in product and production processes, we can prevent errors and down-time during production runs. 
When integrating your production processes and developing production equipment for your production, we use Six Sigma methodologies with a clear focus on 0 ppm and quality requirements.

We have vast experience in working together with our customers for the development of new production processes and integration of existing ones, for more information: view our production processes experience page

Partners, every step of the way

These projects, producton processes and production equipment are based on a standard, high-quality project management approach with an extensive validation trajectory. From installation qualification, operational qualification up to the performance qualificiation.

All in open communication and close cooperation with you as a customer. We take your input and validate choices on a regular basis. 

is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.

Want to know more about how we can improve the production of your automotive component?

Please view our recent projects in Automotive in the content below this article or contact us directly. 

Please follow the link to read more about quality assurance in IMS projects. 

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