IMS App: Production lines in new reality

Within Industry 4.0 trends such as hyper connectivity and big data, the collection and comprehensive evaluation of data from different sources, are becoming more and more important.

This also happens in the process of selecting production automation solutions and throughout the cooperation with suppliers of these solutions. Production companies want to receive as much information as possible, to make sound decisions.

This is understandable, while automation of your production processes is an important investment decision. And it does still take a considerable amount of research and time finding the right production solution. 

But we have made that process a little easier for you.

Project a production line onto your production floor

Imagine you can project a production line into your clean room or onto your production floor to see from all sides what it will look like? And at the same time, receive additional information on functionality and key characteristics?

It is not as complicated as it might seem: you can do it using the IMS Production Automation app. 

Through Augmented Reality you are offered a sneak peek at the production lines you can use or will be using, projecting it in real life into your production facility or clean room. Preview IMS Production Automation App

More features are added throughout the year, making the app even more interactive. Examples could be viewing the progress in the production equipment build-up and validation done by IMS, or using the app for real time production information, training employees and optimizing machine settings.  

The IMS Production Automation app is available for Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. 

How does it work?

The Augmented Reality function is launched by aiming your device at a so called 'marker'. In this case, the IMS corporate brochure functions as the marker.
To enable the Augmented Reality function on the App, just aim your device at the frontpage of the brochure.
No brochure at hand? You can download the
 PDF version of the brochure and print it! 

Download the IMS Production Automation App:

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